PorkerVest Platinum

5,000,000.00 - Per Investment Unit


  • Type of Investment: Participative Investment
  • Modality: Animal Farming (PIG)
  • Profitability: 35%  in 10 months




Type of opportunity: Participative Investment

Modality: Animal Farming (PIG)

Profitability: 35%  in 10 months



Investment has been proven to be a more prudent way of saving and growing money that might be needed in the future.

The primary advantage of investment is that it affords investors opportunities to make their money work for them and earn returns that they don’t have to work for themselves.

At our farm, we leverage on the endless opportunities embedded in the agricultural heritage of West-Africa to offer the best investment platforms to grow your money through animal farming in order to secure an attractive ROI (Return On Investment) for you while creating employment and livelihood for the rural communities.

Porkers are young pigs raised and fattened for food. Pig farming is often referred to as ‘Farmer’s Delight’ because it compensates for all efforts at the end of the rearing season.


  1. Pig rearing is profitable due to its high farrowing rate i.e. a sow can birth 6-12 piglets at a time.
  2. Porkers easily convert feed to body mass.
  3. Pigs have a high immunity i.e. they are not easily susceptible to drought; hence they have a low mortality rate.
  4. Your investment is reliable and insured.
  5. PorkerVest plan helps you to organize and hit your financial targets.



– It is a scalable investment that is presented as a solution for the development and major growth to the markets.

– The scoring of this opportunity is B. For more information click here.



  • Farming Season: 7/10
  • Farm Location: 7/10
  • Company Existence: 8/10
  • CAC Registration: 10/10
  • Insurance Type: 7/10
  • Insurance Credibility: 8/10
  • Customer Support: 7/10
  • Website Flexibility: 8/10 Optimized
  • Mobile Application: 0/10
  • Listed Farms Physical check: 6/10



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