Palm Oil Vest | 40% Returns

10,000.00 - Per Investment Unit


  • Type of Investment: Participative Investment
  • Modality: Palm Oil Plantation
  • Profitability: 40%  in 12 months (17% every 6 months)




Type of opportunity: Participative Investment

Modality: Palm Oil Plantation

Profitability: 40%  in 12 months (17% every 6 months)



One of the most reliable, aged and evergreen agro investments is the all rich Palm tree farming with products such as palm oil, palm kernel and more. These agro products are veritable raw materials for most industries globally and very well known … the Palm oil is a house hold name being consumed across nations.

Hence, the Palm oil and other palm tree extracts have very good returns round the years.

Palm oil Vest is simply an investment opportunity that engages a community of farmers in the cultivation, production and distribution of Palm oil and other Palm products on a large scale by making every one earn from this high value agricultural produce.



  • Palm oil is a yearly seasonal agro products which circles from low to as high as 50% increase in price.
  • Demand is always higher than supply cos it doesn’t grow every where.
  • Homes, commercial food chains and industries consume Palm oil daily.



  1. We simply use investors fund to finance our community of palm tree farmers, cultivate, acquire Palm fronts, process, store and distribute to local and international markets for domestic and industrial consumption while we make very good returns for our investors.
  2. Buy units of Palm oil investment from N10,000 per unit and Minimum of 3units=N30,000 ( the higher the units the better your ROI)
  3. The scoring of this opportunity is B. For more information click here.



  • Farming Season: 7/10
  • Farm Location: 7/10
  • Company Existence: 8/10
  • CAC Registration: 10/10
  • Insurance Type: 7/10
  • Insurance Credibility: 8/10
  • Customer Support: 7/10
  • Website Flexibility: 8/10 Optimized
  • Mobile Application: 0/10
  • Listed Farms Physical check: 6/10



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