Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does farm investment work on Listed Farms?

    It's simple; we engage investment professionals to vet each investment uploaded on Listed Farms to ascertain their risk and success rate.

  • Do I pay investment fee to Listed Farms?

    NO! We do not take payment from anyone interested in our listed farm investments. Listed Farms only provide users with a full review & report of each farm, risk and value involved before investment is done.

  • Are all the investment listed here insured?

    We try as much as possible to reduce the risk for you when you invest in any farm investment, we go the extra mile to make sure that all farms here are insured with a reputable insurance company and if they are not we also state it. You can check the investment details to see that.

  • Has Listed Farms visited all investment farms listed here?

    We can guarantee that almost 70% of listed farm investments here are verified. You can click on check gallery to view the farm and location.

  • Do you inspect my investment for me?

    No we don't. We only research and recommend which farm you should invest in, we are not responsible for farm inspection. You can relate with the farm investment company.

  • Do I get a certificate of investment for my investments?

    We strongly encourage you to invest with farms that offer certificate/contract of investment; nevertheless we are not responsible for investment certificate. 

  • What happens when I do not get my returns on investments?

    This is nearly impossible as each investment listed here are listed based on high & low risk factors (Grade A+ - D). We imply you to invest in low risk investment to avoid disappointments and if you have invested in a farm and your due returns has not been paid, please send us an email so we can blacklist such a platform and help in reporting to other legal and government agencies.

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Make the RIGHT Farm Investment Decision
Make the RIGHT Farm Investment Decision
Make the RIGHT Farm Investment Decision
Make the RIGHT Farm Investment Decision