Cash Cow Plus

Cash Cow Plus | 80% Returns


150,000.00 – Per Investment Unit

  • Type of Investment: Participative Investment
  • Modality: Farm Investment (VEGETABLE)
  • Profitability: 80%  + Capital in 8 Months


This farm works in collaboration with International Research Institutes and renowned consultants to engage in large scale commercial farming on behalf of our clients. We employ precision agronomy and best practices to ensure consistently high yields.

Grow your fund with us by booking your plot(s) in our Vegetables Potpourri Plantation. Earn 80% returns (plus capital) payable in four equal installments in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th months after investment.

The farm cultivate high-profit local and exotic vegetables (including tomatoes, cucumbers, ugwu, sweet corn, mushrooms, beets, lettuce, cabbage, etc.) and enjoy consistently high sales profits by selling to established organized markets.

The process is insured from planting to harvest and transport of produce, so your capital is guaranteed.



– It is a scalable investment that is presented as a solution for the development and major growth to the markets.

– The scoring of this opportunity is A. For more information click here.



  • Farming Season: 7/10
  • Farm Location: 7/10
  • Company Existence: 8/10
  • CAC Registration: 10/10
  • Insurance Type: 7/10
  • Insurance Credibility: 7/10
  • Customer Support: 7/10
  • Website Flexibility: 8/10
  • Mobile Application: 5/10 – Android Only
  • Listed Farms Physical check: 8/10



Kindly complete the form below and details on how to invest in this farm will be provided to you immediately, a copy of the link to invest will also be sent to your email. Providing your information below will also enable us to provide future investment opportunities to you at no cost.